Legal Insights

Thinking of Retiring?

man and woman sitting on brown wooden benchRetirement, is it in the one year plan, the five year plan or the thirty year plan?

While everyone has their own unique set of circumstances we have seen that most also have one thing in common – the desire to ensure the assets they have built up during their working lives are protected in retirement and preserved for future generations.

Corban Revell Lawyers has assisted its clients and their families for more than thirty years.  Like our clients, we have matured and set down roots in our forty plus year history and we are proud to say we now act for the children and grandchildren of those first clients.

Even if you think you are too young to plan for the future, it may pay to have a chat to us about what you can do. It may be as simple as preparing a will or an enduring power of attorney so you can travel with peace of mind.

These days retirement doesn’t mean planning for end of life, it  means travel, downsizing your family home, setting up a trust  or moving into a senior lifestyle apartment.

Each of these options mean there are decisions you should consider when choosing what path you want your retirement years to take.

Before you jet off for your retirement OE what should you consider?

  • Do you want to make sure your affairs are in order?
  • That you have a ‘worst case scenario’ plan in place?
  • Why is a Will important before you travel?
  • How can an Enduring Power of Attorney help those at home, help you while you are overseas.

Let us help you figure out the best plan of action for you and your retirement travel.  Schedule a time to come in and have a chat with Lisa Roberts or her team about what you are planning.

Choosing a senior lifestyle apartment?

  • Why do you need to consult a solicitor when signing an occupation licence contract?
  • Why must you have an Enduring Power of Attorney?

If you are considering moving into a senior lifestyle apartment it is now required that you have independent legal advice in respect of the contract you sign.  This is to protect your interests and ensure you know what you are signing and how it will affect you.  Contact Lisa Roberts today to discuss what this will mean to you.