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Debt Recovery

Recovering an unpaid debt can be a very frustrating and overwhelming process.

There are a variety of ways to recover an unpaid debt, but without a doubt, clients will want the most efficient and effective option available to them. Our experienced team can provide assistance by investigating the debt, explaining the options available and tailoring a debt recovery method according to the circumstances of each case.

There will be a number of factors to consider when recovering an unpaid debt, which include:

  • Whether the debt is disputed or not
  • Whether the debtor is an individual or a company
  • Whether the debt is secured or not
  • What the terms of the contract are

The first step in the debt recovery process is demanding the debt. Often an initial phone call, a letter of demand or a statutory demand from a law firm is all that is required to get debtors to pay.

If the debt remains, legal action may be sought by obtaining an order for payment. Our experienced legal team works to assist clients by taking the case to the Disputes Tribunal, The District Court or the High Court. The options available will depend on the circumstances of each case.

There is also a variety of enforcement processes available, such as:

  • Financial Assessment Hearing
  • Attachment Order
  • Warrant to Seize Property
  • Charging Order
  • Bankruptcy or Liquidation
  • Garnishee Order
  • Contempt of Enforcement Proceedings

Our team will be sure to guide you through each step and advise you on the likely outcome of each.

Often clients are embroiled in extensive correspondence trying to recover and negotiate the debt. Allowing our experienced legal team to handle the matter will liberate you from the stress of the process and will allow you to resume with your business without worrying about a debt going stale.

Lea Abuyan, Law Clerk

We offer a competitive debt recovery package, including a no obligation initial consultation. The debt recovery department of Corban Revell Lawyers is managed by Lea Abuyan. If you have a debt recovery matter you would like to discuss with us, please feel free to contact Lea.

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