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Covid-19 Update

An update to Corban Revell’s response to Covid-19
Corban Revell will be making daily decisions as to whether to open the office during Monday to Friday, or for our staff to work from home,  from 23 March 2020 based on the alert system announced by the government this weekend.
As a guide, while the alert level remains at 2, we intend to work from the office but with more controls in place in order to keep our staff and clients safe as we possibly can from Covid-19.
From now and until further notice, please call ahead before coming to our office, so we can ensure meeting times are appropriately staggered and avoid too many people being in the office at one time.
Meetings will be by appointment only and our front reception doors will be locked during the day to control this. There is a doorbell on the right hand wall by the front doors you can use if there is no one on reception, but the hope is that this system will work well.
We will ask you if you are unwell or have recently travelled and other questions before we agree to accept face to face appointments at the office. We will have Skype and FaceTime meetings available as an alternative to almost all kinds of meetings. By law some meetings have to be face to face and we understand that, also sometimes you will just need to come in to see us to give us documents and the like.
We promise to work with you to find a way that works! We have the people, the skills and the technology to get through this time with a few adjustments to keep us all safe.
We ask that if you are coming to sign documents over this period that you please bring your own pens and your own water bottles if you need a drink and take them with you when you go.
You are welcome to take your own precautions as you wish such as wearing masks and gloves to meetings. We will ensure we only use meeting rooms large enough to provide adequate distance between clients and staff and we have hand sanitiser on reception you can use.
If the Corban Revell staff member you are due to meet is unwell for any reason, they will go home and we will let you know in advance and we will make alternative arrangements for your meeting.
For Court matters, your lawyer will advise you in advance what the plan is. The Courts are keeping in touch with us as to any delays or changes to planned hearings.
Should you have any queries, please call us on 09 837 0550.
Many thanks for working with us to keep us all safe and well.
The Team at Corban Revell

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