Peri Hoskins, BA, LLB (Hons)

Peri Hoskins is an experienced civil litigator who practises in general civil litigation, business disputes, employment disputes, and Maori Land Court matters. Peri Hoskins’ legal experience includes working as in-house counsel within the Insurance and Risk Management Division of Minter Ellison Lawyers in Brisbane advising insurers followed by six-years as a barrister sole based in Brisbane.

Peri has also worked as a specialist leaky building lawyer in Auckland and assisted plaintiffs with leaky building claims of up to $30 million. Peri worked as a sole barrister in New Zealand between November 2010 and March 2017 during which time he assisted clients in a variety of civil disputes including leaky buildings, employment, and Maori Land Court matters.

Peri Hoskins is a member of AMINZ. Peri has significant experience within both New Zealand and Australia representing clients at mediation, and assisting those clients to resolve civil disputes on favourable terms.

Peri is of Ngapuhi and Anglo-Celtic descent.

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