John Kahukiwa, Managing Partner

John Kahukiwa, Managing Partner

Our litigation team have an excellent record of successful dispute resolution in the District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, Employment Court, Māori Land Court, Māori Appellate Court  and Supreme Court.

Our litigators are  experienced in a range of  specialist tribunals and alternative dispute resolution options involving mediation and arbitration.

We are able to create effective cross functional legal teams to ensure that clients enjoy the benefit of specialists specific to their needs.  We also work collaboratively with some of the country’s leading QC’s on complex and challenging cases to ensure that our clients have the best strategy and most legally compelling arguments.

Access to justice is important to us and we frequently work with iwi and hapu who require assistance to secure resourcing for their cases. We have successfully helped fund litigation files for clients using public and private funds.

At any one time our litigation teams may be involved in litigation including:

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