Lisa Roberts, Senior Partner

Our specialist property lawyers provide a broad range of legal services for  businesses and private clients. Our team cater for the needs of everyone from the first home buyer to busy multi-project property developers.

We are specialists in:

  • Property development and subdivision,
  • Building contracts,
  • Residential tenancies
  • Cross Leasing
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Refinancing

Private Home Sales and Purchases

We know that buying or selling a home or other property ranks amongst the most important events in a person’s lifetime. For many people  it can also be one of the most

O'neal Mendoza, LLB (Hons), MA
O’neal Mendoza, Solicitor

stressful. Our Property specialists are aware of the concerns people have when buying and selling property and know how to make the process as smooth as possible.  We know how important it is to communicate effectively with you, the real estate agent, the bank, the local council and the solicitor acting for the other party.

We understand the concerns and explain all the relevant options so you gain the best result from your property transaction.  The chances of problems occurring are reduced through their thoroughness and attention to detail.

Commercial Property and Property Development

Frank Chan, LLB
Frank Chan, Senior Associate

Whether your plan is to subdivide into two or two hundred lots we have the experience and expertise to minimise risk, and help you maximise the value of your project.

Our team is experienced in completing fee simple, cross lease and unit title subdivisions, together with minor boundary adjustments, completion of staged cross lease developments, amalgamation of titles and other associated work such as creation of easements and covenants.  We have excellent working relationships with surveyors and other professionals to ensure your subdivisions are completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

If you are looking to sell once you have subdivided we can also help you prepare the special terms for the agreements and attend to the conveyancing for your sales. Please contact us today to discuss your proposed development for an initial meeting and legal costs estimate both of which would be provided at no cost to you.

Please call or email one of our property specialists today to discuss your property deal:

Lisa Roberts, Ph: 09 837 5737 or Mobile: 021 922008

Frank Chan, Ph: 09 837 57 38 or Mobile 021 115 7844

O’neal Mendoza,  Ph: 09 837 5745

Saurav Satyal, Solicitor, Ph: 09 837 0550

Catherine Tevaga, Solicitor, Ph: 09 837 0550