Trusts and Legal Entities

Frank Chan, LLB
Frank Chan, Senior Associate

Corban Revell’s trust and legal entity lawyers are experienced in identifying which combination of legal governance or asset protection structures will best suit your needs. Whether you need a charitable trust for a not-for-profit organisation, a common law trust  for a commercial operation or a family trust for inter-generational assets our lawyers will develop a structure that will work for you.

Sometimes a combination of legal entities could include companies, incorporated societies, limited partnerships, or  partnerships  in conjunction with a particular trust structure ensuring that you or your organisation have the right foundation to achieve your goals.

As well as creating trust and legal entity structures we assist and advise clients on their fiduciary responsibilities and rights as trustees, directors, and committee members including boards of trustees and sporting bodies.

John Kahukiwa, Managing Partner

Commercial businesses have a range of legal entity options and identifying which of these best suit your business goals and objectives is key from the outset.  Commercial business structures include:

  • Companies,
  • Incorporated societies,
  • Limited partnerships,
  • Common law trusts

Māori organisations, iwi and hapu based entities draw on a full range of trust and legal entity structures as well as Te Ture Whenua Trusts.  Ensuring Māori organisations have the optimal governance and asset protection structures in place will be key to realising success in the future as many move from grievance mode to settlement status.

Please email or call one of our trust and legal entity lawyers to discuss your needs.