Wills and Estates

Frank Chan, Senior Associate
Frank Chan, Senior Associate

Our will and estate lawyers enable you to plan for yourself, your family and your business, protecting your assets and income today and in the future.

We offer a full range of services in estate planning including:

  • Asset and tax planning
  • Gifting
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Family trusts
  • Independent trustee service
  • Property (Relationships) Act advice
  • Advice on relationship property agreements
  • Charitable Trusts


Upon the administration of estates of deceased persons disputes sometimes arise and these cases require tact, sensitivity and skills at mediation and other forms of dispute resolution. Corban Revell has over 20 years experience in handling litigation involving estates. 

Our experience in this context extends to acting for executors, beneficiaries and claimants and includes:

  • Administration of estates of all kinds
  • Applications for probate and letters of administration
  • Estates of persons who die without a will
  • Estates involving de facto relationships
  • Estates involving family trusts

We also manager litigation matters arising out of estates including:

  • Applications by family members
  • Issues of incapacity or unsoundness of mind
  • Issues of undue influence or duress
  • Applications for probate in solemn form and complex disputed estates
  • Claims by creditors

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