Renee Ngatai

reneeSolicitor, LLB, SocSci – Psych and Women’s Studies. Admitted in 2009.

Renee works closely with Peri Hoskins and Craig Orton on civil and criminal matters with plans to offer her services on legal aid for family law matters too.

She is starting to develop a diverse practice that encompasses criminal matters (Category 1, Category 2, as well as certain Category 3 matters), family matters, while also beginning to develop a growing profile with civil matters.

After 9 years within Courts across Auckland, Waitakere and Manukau, she has developed a strong understanding and compassion towards the local community that traverse through the justice system.

Renee’ s areas of expertise include:

  • Parenting and family disputes,
  • Contact for children issues;
  • Matters in relation to Child Youth & Family Proceedings/Care & Protection,
  • Property Manager, Welfare Guardian under the Personal Property Legislation,
  • Relationship Property law
  • Criminal Matters up to PAL 1 status i.e Traffic, Family Harm, Theft.

Contact Renee on 09 837 0550 email: