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Christmas and New Year Hours 2021/22


24 December to 5 January Offices are closed.

Corban Revell offices at 2 Trigg Road, West Harbour are closed. Emergency contacts during this time are:

John Kahukiwa 021 378 750

Lisa Roberts 021 922 008

6-7 JanuaryProperty team only.  

Our property team is available for sale and purchase enquiries, working from home, available on email and mobile. Please find your lawyer’s number from their profile page on this website or on any email they have sent you before.

10 January – Office at 2 Trigg Road, West Harbour re-opens.

Our office at 2 Trig Road, West Harbour re-opens for in person meetings with certain staff available, including our family law team. Please call reception on 09 837 0550 to check availability of individuals and book appointments.

17 January – All staff return.

All of the Corban Revell team is back either in the office or can be contacted via email or mobile.

The team at Corban Revell wish you a happy and safe summer holiday season and look forward to seeing you all in 2022.

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Covid 19 Update

We remain open for business during Alert Level 4, however our physical offices are closed.  

All our staff are contactable by email or phone. Our reception phone will be answered as usual Monday to Friday 8.15am to 5.15pm.  

All staff direct dial numbers and email addresses can be found on our website.   

We will have video calls in place for face to face meetings, including for document signing. We will complete property settlements where we can, but please be aware, generally in Level 4 no one is allowed to move house, you need to wait for Level 3. Most agreements have specific clauses about Alert Level changes now.

As we receive updates from the Courts, your lawyer will update you if you have any matters in Court this week or next week.

Please contact us directly by phone or email for any specific concerns.    

The main thing is that you and we all follow the rules and stay safe. Keep to your bubbles, ask for help where you need.   We are here for you! Let us know what you need.  

The Team at Corban Revell

Legal Insights, News and Events

Brian Phillip Najib Corban

I well remember the first time I heard Brian speak publicly. It was in the late 1990’s. Someone from our firm was leaving, presumably for better pastures. Brian happened to be at our second office on Lincoln Road as the firm gathered for the farewell. He lingered. After some initial routine speeches, Brian stepped forward and spoke.

He talked about the firm and about the set of family values that he and Phillip Revell incorporated into its foundations when they set out to establish “Corban Revell Lawyers” in 1977. There was the immediate command of the room, through his demeanour and his speech. “a statesman”, I thought, as we all stood captivated: He kai a te rangatira, he kōrero. But more than that, his words of good family values in a law firm resonated with me.

I knew Brian was from a big family, but his declaration that good family values were key was not only a fundamental part of our firm, they were a natural part of the way in which he practiced the business of law. Family and business could not only mix, it was expected to be so. The communal could happily co-exist with the individual pursuits, and vice versa. It was a moment when I received confirmation from Brian, a founding father, that I had made the right choice in commencing my law career with Corban Revell Lawyers in 1994. Law firms will more regularly today liken themselves to families, and advocate a work place based on good family values, but I know that through Brian, that kind of thinking has been here since 1977. It is thinking that in relation to the profession was well ahead of its time.

Brian leaves a mark in the law that we are proud to continue. It is a mark of utter professionalism and of ethics and of kindness and of service. They guide us daily in the way in which we serve our clients and our communities. His skill in commercial transactions is not doubted, with many of his more significant deals particularly those involving land, still bearing his reputation after all these years.

We are proud, even privileged, to carry on Brian’s name as the name of our firm. His name is still said by many of our clients who are still with us and who will often remind me, “Brian was my first lawyer, so look after me as he did!”.

There are also the law books comprising our substantial library that Brian acquired for the firm over the years and which have his distinctive signature on the inside cover. One on my desk at the moment is the classic text “Learning the Law” eighth edition, Glanville Williams, and with the words “Brian Corban 5/3/73” inscribed inside. I like to think of Brian every time I pick up one of his books.

There is also for me his work as a Waitangi Tribunal member that maintains his legacy, and one inquiry that has a personal element to it. In 1997 he was a member of the Kaipara Tribunal. It was headed by Dame Augusta Wallace, with the other members being Sir Michael Basset, Dame Areta Koopu, and Sir John Turei. A formidable panel indeed! It was the first Tribunal that I appeared before and somewhat imposing. But Brian put me at ease. Just before I stood to give my address, Brian stood. He announced to the proceeding, again in a very statesman like and eloquent fashion, his connection to me through our firm. I like to think that it was his way of affirming our whanaungatanga, and of acknowledging the good family values that he and I stood for. Nō reira, Ka nui te mihi ki a koe e te Rangatira Brian.

Brian inspired me. He still does. He will be missed. His legacy will live on.

No reira e te Rangatira, hoea to waka ki o tupuna, haere, haere, haere atu ra.

Brian’s funeral is Friday 7 May 2021, 1pm, at St Micheals, 425 Great North Road, Henderson.

Ngā mihi nui, John Kahukiwa, Managing Partner, Corban Revell

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Our business at Level 3

As Auckland will be in Covid Alert Level 3 until midnight Wednesday 17 February 2021 we advise the following :

1. We will be unable to have client meetings on the premises until at least Thursday 18 February, we will keep you updated when we know more

2. Video call meetings are available, including for signing and witnessing of documents as they have been for the last year – please contact your lawyer or legal executive to organise.

3. All our lawyers are working normal hours and Cherie will be on reception as usual directing calls from 8.15am to 5.15pm.

4. For all existing court matters please contact your lawyer and they will tell you what is happening when they know.

5. For any new matters, please call reception on 09 837 0550 and your call will be appropriately directed. Take care everyone, it’s just three days at this stage and we’ve done it before. Call or email us, it’s just a case of business as we have come to know it, we’re here for you!

The Team at Corban Revell

News and Events

Covid-Safe at Alert Level 3

We are committed to being Covid-Safe at Level 3, and our staff will still be working remotely where possible.

At Level 3, MBIE requires that client meetings still need to be by telephone or AV/video call (the list of exceptions to this rule is very small and unlikely to apply to us). The good news is we have been having plenty of  video call meetings over lockdown and our systems are working well!

Property settlements are all happening through Level 3 and we have clients moving house again.

Also, if you have been a client for more than 12 months we can complete refinances for you in Level 3, so please get in touch with us, or get your banker or broker to get in touch with us, this is no problem at all.

Our premises are all cleaned and ready for Level 2  and we have our health and safety plan in place, so we’ll look forward to seeing you all again soon in “real life”.

Until then, keep safe and we hope you are all keeping well out there, enjoying this beautiful Autumn weather.

The team at Corban Revell