At Corban Revell we place great importance on the positive development of our staff and in providing a friendly and supportive environment in which to work.

Our policy is to recruit and retain people of  a high calibre who have excellent academic qualifications, commercial acumen and strong communication skills.

We have a high performance culture that celebrates success and seeks to build on people’s strengths and grow their skills.  This is balanced by recognition that work life balance is essential for long term productivity. Where possible we work closely with our people to structure flexible working hours and remote office situations that work for everyone.  We are proud of the high return rate of staff who have taken maternity leave and the supportive environment we are able to offer parents of young children.

Our people pride themselves in empowering others through expert use of the law.  This means that our lawyers and support staff commit to ongoing professional development at the highest level.  Our people  not only strive to be experts in their field but also be amongst the most client-focused in their field.

We are interested in receiving inquiries from lawyers and administrators who feel they are a good fit for our team.  If you are interested in discussing a potential position at Corban Revell please use the form below to make contact.

Current Positions: